Do you have concerns about your child's speech or language development? Speech Language Pathologists are trained to help with a variety of issues, from production of speech sounds to fluency (stuttering), voice production, language skills, and even feeding/swallowing. It can be difficult to know where to start looking for information and resources. I recommend that begin by consulting early intervention/school based services before reaching out to private providers.

Although the process varies by state, free early intervention is available for children with developmental delays and disorders. Here in Philadelphia, children aged birth-3 are serviced by a variety of agencies through the Infant and Toddler Early Intervention program. Children over 3 are managed by Elwyn SEEDS. For more information about the referral process, contact ChildLink. Once a child reaches kindergarten, the public school system determines eligibility and provides services during the school day. For more information about the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), read through these FAQs, and then consult your child's school.

In some cases, your child may not qualify for Early Intervention or school-based service, or does qualify but you would like him or her to receive additional service. If this is the case, you may consider seeking out a private Speech Language Pathologist.

The following websites can help you search for a certified private practice SLP. For a lower cost option, consider utilizing university clinics where graduate students treat patients under the supervision of certified SLPs (e.g., Temple, LaSalle).

If you are in the Philadelphia area and are interested in home based private speech language therapy, please contact me! I am currently accepting new clients for summer 2017. Please be aware that my sessions are private pay only. While I am not an in-network provider and I do not bill insurance directly, I will provide you with a receipt that has everything you need in order to file for reimbursement if you choose to take that step.

Email for more information about home-based speech/language therapy in Philadelphia.

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