Story Spotlight: Press Here

Alright alright, I guess it's time I change the title of my featured book series from "Book of the Week" to something a bit more fitting for the less than diligent posting schedule I've adopted recently. Welcome to my first "Story Spotlight!"

Press Here
Written and illustrated byHervé Tullet
Puffin, 2009
Paperback, 48 pages
ISBN-10: 0142413038

At the very least, this book will show kids that books are FUN!

I love these fabulous ideas to use along with this book. Included in the packet are:
1. A foldable mini "Press Here" book - Great to make in a therapy session with the kids so they can take it home and share with their family
2. Color mixing - While a fun coloring activity, I don't see this one being relevant to therapy other than as a color naming exercise
3. "Color This Page With Your Ideas" - Could work well as an exercise in explaining cause and effect and getting some spontaneous language
4. Bookmarks - A nice take-home... You could write a message on the back or some fluency strategies or articulation targets on the back.
5. Cause and effect pictures: Practice if/then statements, recalling cause and effect relationships from the book
6. Be a Press Here Dot: A great large group activity to reinforce following directions from the book and practicing basic color and directional concepts

Here are some other ideas for extension activities:

  • Make target speech sound using dots. Say a target sound/word/sentence before placing each dot. You control the dots and the kids ask - "Can I have red, please?
  • Have students contribute directions and illustrations to create a class book.
  • Bulletin board: a lift-the-flap version of "press here"
    • Use dot markers, coding dot stickers, pencil erasers dipped in paint, pom poms and glue

Or, use this book without any additional materials. Press Here provides an invitation to practice:
  • verbs: touch, rub, shake, blow, tilt, press, stand
  • adverbs: lightly, gently, harder
  • basic concepts: colors (red, yellow, blue), numbers (count the dots)
  • prepositions: up, down, left, right

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