Student Goal Sheets

I just finished my first week in a new school! *Applause* *Cheers* *zzzzzzzz*

It was quite a week but I managed to get myself in a good place for starting therapy next week. Not only did  new office turn out to actually be a gross closet (more on this later), but I ended up not having access to internet or the online IEP system all week. Thankfully my new co-workers were extremely kind and lent me their passwords so I was able to sort out my caseload and get going on making a schedule - which is now DONE, fingers crossed!.

I know next week is going to be just as hairy so I am working on a couple things to use for the first week of therapy. I love this FREE about me doodle page and I think it will be perfect to start getting to know the kids.

I also created this fun goals page for my older kids to reflect on why they come to therapy. Buy-in is so important with a new crew and I want them to understand from the beginning that their speech goals are applicable to life outside my closet room. You can snag it from my TpT store as a free download - Hope it helps makes your week run a bit smoother too!

For my wiggly little ones we will dive right in to therapy with a short story targeting basic concepts and maybe a quick game of Hullabaloo - great for assessing ability to follow directions!

Hope you all are staying sane and having a great year so far! What are your go-to activities for the first couple weeks of therapy?

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