Articulation Bookmarks

I started making articulation resources about two years ago - My articulation handouts are a staple in my therapy room and have been well-received by other SLPs as well. As a result, I've been working hard to create other materials to compliment the handouts.

My recent goal has been to make some materials that would promote carryover to the home and classroom. It is so frustrating to have a student on the edge of dismissal but not quite generalizing their skills to less structured environments. I love using visual cue cards and articulation bookmarks in the classroom! Teachers seem to like them as well - oftentimes they don't know exactly what the students are working on in therapy or how to cue them in the classroom. These materials provide a functional reminder for both the student and the teacher.  My articulation bookmark set includes one bookmark for each sound: B, P, M, W, Y, N, H, T, D, K, G, NG, F, V, SH, J, ZH, L, CH, S, Z, TH, and R. I posted a free version of a couple sounds about a year ago but because of the time required to finish the whole set, I am not longer offering the entire thing for free. However, I am pleased to give away the most popular sound, /r/ as a free download for my readers. If you like the /r/ bookmark, check out my TpT store to get the rest of them!

As always, please drop a comment if you download. And please continue to keep the suggestions for upgrades and new materials rolling!


  1. Found these while looking for /s/ and /ch/ materials for older kids--love how they emphasize the many places you might find/use the sounds (while reading, talking in class, etc.). I'm definitely going to give them a try. Thanks for making them available!

  2. The SLPs in my division are doing presentations on articulation carryover techniques. We found these bookmarks absolutely amazing and are very excited to introduce them to teachers and to start using them in therapy! Thanks so much.

  3. Glad you stumbled upon them, Clare! Carryover is always a challenge. I find the more that I'm able to be in the classroom or bring reminders into the classroom, the better! See my latest post for more on the benefits of pushing-in to the classroom!

  4. Love it! Very useful and practical!