"Would you Rather...?" for Elementary Students

"Would you rather..." questions make a wonderful therapy game for elementary students! I especially love using them with groups of students who may have different goals. Students working on articulation, expressive language, and pragmatics will all benefit from this game! I've compiled a list of 40 favorites.

How to use: For your artic students, simply pre-determine which cards they will pull from, giving them a selection with their articulation targets. Encourage expressive language students to use TTQA (turn-that-question-around), complete sentences, and strong reasons/examples to support their answers. Have pragmatic groups take turns asking one another the questions, or take a survey of typical peers, while practicing conversation skills like turn-taking, commenting, and asking relevant follow-up questions. The possibilities are endless!

Please download my set of "Would You Rather..." cards for elementary aged students here


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