Book of the Week: Spot's Snowy Day

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Spot's Snowy Day
Author/Illustrator: Eric Hill
ISBN: 0399254196
Download my companion pages here!

I've done so many snow-themed lessons this year thanks to this never-ending winter madness! What's one more ;)

One of the reasons I love using literature in my group therapy sessions is because you can work on a variety of goals within the same activity. Perfect for groups! There are so many great language and articulation targets embedded in this book, as in all of the books in Hall's Spot collection. I've created a one-pager listing some possible targets for this book: initial s-blend articulation, present progressive verbs, regular past tense verbs, irregular past tense verbs, and prepositions. The great thing about this sheet is that you can use it for data collection within a group setting - Every target is laid out in the order that they appear in the book (except the prepositions - those are in ABC order), there's a guide for data symbols, and room for notes at the bottom. But even if you don't use it for data, it's a nice download to keep with your copy of the book as a reminder of all the possibilities!
Also included in my companion pack are the initial s-blends featured in the story (along with a couple bonus words that correspond to the text but don't appear in print). Use with any articulation game - Arrange in a 3 x 3 grid for tic-tac-toe (use colored chips for markers), print two sets for memory, pick two and create a silly story, etc.

And the final page in the pack includes a visual for past tense. I find it to be a little over most kids' heads to explain the rules for when -ed makes an "id," "t," or "d" sound, but some do benefit from some explicit instruction. Cut off the bottom and just leave the top circles if it's overkill. Just having the visual is often enough to train some awareness and differentiation.

Hope you enjoy these resources! Once again, click here to access the GoogleDocs

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  1. Thanks for the free resources. These will come in handy for a couple of my students this year.