Halloween/Fall-Themed Craftivities and Games

My kids are so excited for Halloween... And I am so dreading getting all of my end-of-marking-period progress notes in! Thus, we've been keeping it simple in the speech/language room this week. Enjoy these simple Halloween & fall themed ideas in your sessions.

1. Fall themed barrier game: Targets expressive and receptive language: use and understanding of positional terms/prepositions, following directions, seasonal vocabulary concepts.
Download: Available on my Google Docs!
Additional materials: File folder, Velcro and felt board OR sticky tac, tape, and 2 pieces of paper
Set up: Print out two sets of these pictures, cut and laminate.
Directions: Split your group into 2 smaller groups (or 1 vs. 1). Open a folder or other barrier to block the scene from view of the other children in the group. Arrange one set of the pictures in a scene on a felt board (attach velcro to the back of pictures) or tape a piece of construction paper to the table and use sticky tac to deter wandering hands from rearranging. The side that has the arranged scene uses sentences to direct the other side to create the same scene (e.g., "Put the bat above the tree")

2. Coloring pages/student generated data sheet: Reinforcement for any speech or language targets.
Additional materials: dice, crayons, markers, or Do-A-Dot daubers
Download: Available on my Google Docs!
Set-up: Print in black and white, one copy per student or pair of students.
Directions: Children take turns rolling dice. Use number shown on dice as the number of repetitions required. After the student completes repetitions, he or she colors in corresponding number of spaces on coloring page. To add some self-reflection, instruct students to use a certain color for correct productions and another color for those needing more practice. For your counting convenience, the pumpkin has 50 total spots, and the leas has 40.

*I found these ideas on Pinterest, but the links are broken! If you know the original sources, please let me know so I can give credit.
3. Articulation pumpkins and sound spiders: Reinforcement for any speech or language targets.
Materials: orange, black, and green construction paper, pictures of articulation targets OR black markers and white crayons/colored pencils, glue
Set up: cut spiders out of black paper (template) - inspired by Pinterest activity, cut orange paper into 1/2" wide strips, green paper into small leaves. Using the center of the orange strips as the fulcrum, arrange orange piece in a starburst. Staple the center. See a tutorial here
Directions: For articulation spiders: If using pictures of targets, glue one to each leg. If using white crayons, have each student write on of their articulation target words on each leg. Student practices targets eight times each (spiders have eight legs, after all!). For articulation pumpkins: Student write target sound on leaf. Student writes one word with their target sound (I've been using their sight word/spelling word lists) on each orange strip. Then, flip the starburst over and tape up the strips to form a pumpkin. Again, referral to tutorial if this is confusing! Glue or tape the leaf to the top. For language targets, just adjust to fit needs - You could use these crafts for sequencing, synonyms/antonyms, adjective generation, etc.

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