Back to School!

Well its been a busy last few weeks getting ready to start the school year. Ready or not, here come the kids!

Although I'm sure many of you are way beyond this stage of planning, I thought I would share with you some of my beginning of the year materials. I hope they're helpful!

  • Introductory letter to parents: I am sending this letter home with my speech students on Monday (the first day of school!). I wanted to include the therapy times in this letter, but scheduling has been moving much slower than I anticipated! Oh well :)
  • Parent communication log: I've made up speech folders for all of my students. Anatomy of a speech folder: Front cover: Cutesy label with kiddo's name and "Speech/Language Folder." I also plan to have them write and illustrate one of their goals for speech during our first session to glue to the front. Inside left pocket: Homework calendar - See my homework post and grab your copy. Front of left pocket: Label with my contact info. Inside right pocket: Parent communication log. Front of right pocket: Label with speech times (if I ever get a schedule together, that is!)
  • Supporting your speech students guide for teachers: In addition to an "IEP at a glance" page with the accommodations and supports for each speech student, I am going to give teachers one of these.

How have your preparations been going? Are you READY?!

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